MIWA system


sustainability prototyping industrial design


YEAR 2017

TEAM Martin Žampach, Martin Hřeben

SKILLS Research, Concept Design, Ergonomy, CAD, Prototyping

MIWA (Minimum Waste) – precycling modular system – is a unique system that simplifies the distribution and sale of bulk goods. It is a unique technology for the sale of food and non-food products, which helps manufacturers, traders and households prevent the creation of unnecessary waste.

The principle is based on refillable transport capsules and modular dispensers placed in stores. The product travels from the manufacturer to the end consumer in capsules, eliminating unnecessary waste due to the refillable product packaging and shipping containers. This is referred to as “precycling”.

The customer can comfortably use a mobile shopping app and has the opportunity to bring their own containers to the store to save the environment. The prototype proposed for MIWA is an entire modular dispensing system including storage capsules. MIWA is bringing the first design studies to consultation with prototype productions with serial manufacturers.

In 2017, the MIWA project was awarded by the international award Circular Design Challenge, which supports circular economy projects.


development process